Imageflora is an image library focusing on horticultural, gardening and environmental pictures. It has been created by people from a horticultural and botanical background to give the maximum amount of choice. It has been designed with simplicity at its heart.


All images are digital and are designed for both print and digital media etc up to A4 size. Images have not been enhanced by altering colours and backgrounds etc ensuring that what you see is a “pure” representation of the image as seen by the camera. Whilst we appreciate that many pictures could be “improved” by the use of Photoshop etc, we would like to offer the customer the original unaltered image. Images are supplied in a Jpeg format, whilst this means that large amounts of processing could lead to a reduction in image quality, normal “improvements” should only enhance picture quality.

Using This Site

The site is designed for use by both horticulturists and those with no horticultural knowledge. If you know the name, either Latin or common, of what you require, a search will take you directly to a selection of images. E.g..Digitalis. will give you the complete selection of Foxgloves, “Digitalis purpurea” will give you only that species and “Digitalis purpurea close-up” will only give you macro image of the wild Foxglove. Alternatively you may feel you need inspiring, or just require a time of year or colour. By putting in a month e.g. “April” or season “Spring” or even “blue” or “deep blue”, should result in plenty of choice.

Naming (Nomenclature)

Imageflora has gone to great lengths to ensure plants are correctly named; we are reliant on publications, experts, correct labelling etc. Whilst the vast majority of plants remain the same, names are changed and we will endeavour to do ourĀ best to comply with these alterations. We would be grateful to hearĀ from any experts, where they feel a plant has been incorrectly named please contact us at info@imageflora.com.


For information on purchasing and payments see the purchasing information page.


At the present time Imageflora is not able to process material form contributors, we would request that photographers do not email images. In the future we are looking for more images to improve both the quality and range of the library. If this might be of interest to you please send us a sample of no less than 10 images, these will remain your property and will not be used by Imageflora or any other library. When we are in a position to take on contributors material we will contact you and discuss terms and conditions. Images should be no less than 8 mega pixels and of the highest quality, please do not process them through Photoshop etc. Please ensure that discs sent through are compatible and readable on any computer.

The Future

Imageflora is constantly adding to its site, we are always looking to improve the choice and update those that already exist. As a regular customer Imageflora does not believe in bothering you with daily emails and telephone calls, you should receive an email from us once a month letting you know what is new on the site.