We and/or Us means ImageFlora.Co.Uk.Ltd You means any client requesting the submission and reproduction of any Image Image means any photograph, picture or item (including digital images) offered for the purposes of reproduction on these Terms These Terms means these terms and conditions which you accept as agreed between you and us by virtue of you requesting the submission of any Image Fee means the Fee payable for each Image.

You may request any Image from our library which we will send to you electronically. The Image will be marked with electronic copyright and is submitted for approval only. If you approve and wish to purchase the Image, then upon payment of the Fee we will submit your chosen Image with the electronic copyright removed, but marked with our company name. The resolution of the Image supplied will be 300 dpi.

Payment of the Fee only authorises you to reproduce our Image in any hard copy publication, including any magazine, journal or book. The authority to reproduce our Image is limited to one month from the date of payment. You are required to ensure that our company name continues to appear on the Image which is published. The authorized reproduction is personal to you and is not assignable to any third party unless we first consent in writing.

Intellectual Property
You agree that all and any copyright, design right or other intellectual property rights remain vested in us and agree to return any Image to us immediately upon request.

We take every effort to ensure correct identification and the accuracy of information supplied, but we give no warranty as to the accuracy or otherwise of that information and we accept no liability for any loss or damage occasioned by you arising from the reproduction by you of any Image.

Terms of Trade
Business or Individuals considered by ImageFlora directors to be attempting to miss appropriate funds or mislead the company in anyway will be subject to a penalty of £250 Sterling for each communication received from the business or individual, payment to be made within 7 days of invoice.